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R.I.P. Vodka is a tribute to Madrid, the liveliest city in Europe.

Whether you’re a history buff, a literature lover, a party animal, a tapas connoisseur, or if you just happen to be in Madrid, you will feel it's welcoming spirit.


For centuries, various generations of artists, writers, architects, comedians, bohemians and intellectuals from all over the world have gathered in Madrid, to live its special atmosphere and street-life. Museums, theatres, architecture, art, intellectual gatherings… together with the cafes, taverns and night-life in a city that never sleeps.

Madrid has shaped an urban landscape and a bustling nightlife that has survived until nowadays


By night, Madrid erupts into full blown party zones, where the academic spirits of Lope de Vega and Cervantes, Velazquez or Goya can be found in bars, pubs and clubs.

The city is full of places that are linked to generations of personalities of all kinds: writers, architects, artists, intellectuals... all of them captured by Madrid's singular atmosphere.

 Los  Gabrieles 

The most bohemian side of the city – El Barrio de las Letras - hosted for years one of the most evocative corners, a popular entertainment space frequented by local celebrities, bullfighters, Hollywood stars, writers, flamenco artists, and much more ... This place was the tavern “Los Gabrieles”

"Los Gabrieles" was the epicentre of the most libertine Madrid, synonymous of “fiesta” for decades