The Unfiltered Process

Pure Craft

4 distillationsNo filtration

R.I.P Vodka is four times distilled – always working distillations above 90% in copper fragmentation column- so we produce an extraordinary pure an full bodied VODKA.

Thanks to a perfect distillation, we do not need any FILTRATION after distillation to have an extraordinary pure and crystalline alcohol. The unfiltered process preserves the flavor, unctuosity and character of the original raw materials.

Bottling Vodka straight from the copper still is a craftsmanship declaration

Against neutrality

The filtration takes out the things that contribute to flavor and character.

The more you filter the vodka, the more neutral and tasteless it gets, and R.I.P Vodka is everything but neutral or average.

Our vodka as it comes from the still is simply extraordinary, pure, full of taste, unctuosness and personality.